Our Services

Executive Programme

Our Executive Programme is focused on CIOs who see themselves as leaders, innovators, operational executives and risk takers, who can and do transform their businesses through IT.

Business Benefits

Success of the service is defined not only by what our clients are able to take from the service, but also what they are able to contribute in these exchanges. For each CIO we develop a bespoke service plan charting individual and organisational objectives for the contract period Below are some examples of how we currently serve our clients.

  • Insight, advice and guidance from our exceptional and experienced team of advisors, including many that have held the CIO role in organisations
  • Mentoring and coaching of members of the CIO’s senior team
  • Direct peer connection with CIOs that have directly relevant experience of the issue at hand
  • Special interest group with a small group of your peers to work on a key issue for you
  • Online access to an international community of IT peers, leading academics and senior industry specialists
  • A supportive events and content programme to let you build relationships and drill down on the topics most relevant to you – learning from the experiences of those who’ve been there and done it